Friday, November 9, 2007

Silly Pictures

It seems that everything around me has been conspiring to keep me from posting for the last 2 weeks. I have a couple of FOs to share, but unfortunately about the time that I finished them Winter arrived in Seattle. I kept waiting for "natural light" so the colors would at least be somewhat accurate, but with the "sun" coming up at 8, setting at 4:45, and constant cloud cover all day long, it may be quite a few months before I can take a decent picture again. Or I'm going to have to start taking FOs to lab, so I can dash outside if the sun manages to break through the clouds for a couple seconds.

Of course, once I finally gave in and took a picture using indoor lighting, the blog refused to upload the pictures. So, without further ado:

This is the first half of the wrap I am making my mother for Christmas. The yarn is Handmaiden Sea Silk in Bronze, and when I bought it in July after my General Exams it was the most expensive yarn I had ever purchased (that title has now been claimed by that tiny skein of Handmaiden Swiss Mountain Cashmere and Silk that I used for my grey scarf). Unfortunately, I kept changing my mind about the pattern and ripping it back. I finally settled on a design in late September and it has come along fairly well since then. I am waiting to block it until I have finished the second half and joined them together. There are many more pictures, but I can't get them to load, so maybe later.

1 comment:

ashpags said...

Lace? Overachiever. ;)

That's really pretty! Is there a pattern online?

...pauses to check Ravelry...

Ooh, there it is! Personal pattern, not online...sad face. But, I love the pic with the kitty peeking out from below! =)