Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Somebody Had a Busy Day

While Ben and I were busy at a coffee shop all day (I was relentlessly reading about thymidine and folate and he was studying epidemiology), it seems that back at the ranch two kittens were also very busy. I'm not quite sure how long this took them, but it must have been hours.

The yarn looped around the kitchen table multiple times; it looped above, below, and around the legs on the kitchen chairs;

it went in circles around the desk chair, it was wrapped around the little rolling-storage thingy we have for school supplies;

there were layers and layers on yarn.

It seemed to take forever for me to get it all tidied back up, especially since the cats insisted on playing with/pouncing on/sitting on the yarn as I tried to ball it back up. Amazingly enough, NONE of the yarn had been chewed on or eaten, so other than being a bit linty (what can I say, we're busy and vaccuming hasn't been at the top of anybody's list) the yarn is no worse for the wear. I was planning on showing off some new projects today, but I figured this yarnapalooza took preference. But, I promise, next time there will be plenty of yarn to look at in all sorts of pretty patterns, not as part of giant knots in my floor.

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